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Wireless Internet

I-2000 has several wireless access towers in Northeast and Southwest Michigan.  This allows us to access customers in rural areas of Michigan that haven't been accessed before.  We have two types of wireless Internet connections.  Line of sight (LOS) and non line of sight (NLOS).  Each provides advantages and disadvantages for connecting to the Internet.  Read the paragraphs below to see which could fit your needs.

Line of sight (LOS) wireless gives you the speed and reliability as good as hard wired connections.  Our standard packages for LOS connections goes up to 12mb, but we can custom quote connections much faster than that.  The issue with LOS is that you can not have any obstructions between you and our towers.  This may require clearing out trees or getting a tower at your location to get above the trees.


Non line of sight (NLOS) wireless allows us to reach customers who are in a lot trees or have an obstruction between you and our tower.  Most of these installations can happen with just mounting an antenna on your building.  The disadvantage is that we have to sacrifice speed in order to get the signal to reach you.  Our speed packages range to just under 1mb up to 12mb.  Many factors play into how fast the service can be and we can quote you based on your location.

Here are the following packages that we offer:

      Up to 768kbps 39.95/month

      Up to 1.5mbps 50.00/month

      Up to 3mbps 60.00/month

      Up to 6mbps 70.00/month

      Up to 12mbps 80.00/month

      Faster than 12mb will be quoted upon request.

Installation charges will be quoted based on your location.  There is a 99.00 administrative setup fee on all wireless plans.  Each wireless plan has 1 year commitment and early termination fees are 200.00.  It is the customer's responsibility to return all equipment owned by I-2000 upon termination of the service.  If you need help retrieving the equipment, contact the office and we can get you in touch with someone who can help you.  Any fees incurred from retrieval will be the responsibility of the customer.  The above speed packages are "up to" speeds and are not guaranteed.  I-2000 also carries of seasonal rates for those who use the service during parts of the year.

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