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Why Choose Internet 2000?


We are a Michigan based company.  We also use local resources for goods and service when it is possible.  We believe Michigan money should stay in Michigan


Our prices includes all taxes and fees.  We don't state one price and then add a bunch of additional charges when you receive a bill.  If the package you pick is 39.95/month your bill will reflect 39.95/month.


We like to offer straightforward Internet Service.  "Bundling" was an interesting gimmick to consolidate your bill and get a package deal.  Now people are realizing that bundles lock them into things they may no longer need.  It limits choices and makes people afraid of what may happen if they remove services with their bundle.  We have heard many stories where the customers kept phone service active in their bundle and don't even have a phone using it.  I-2000 will allow you to use your Internet connection with any other services without penalty or additional charges.  Use us with Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, or any of the other streaming services.


I-2000's Internet Services have unlimited data.  We wont slow your connection or charge you with overage fees if you use a lot of data.  

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