The Color Diet 
coined by Suzanne in 1998

Get on the Real Fast Food Diet--Just Pluck it, and Eat It!

How Nutrition Affects Cells
M/C (Micronutrient to Calorie) and N/C (Nucleus to Cytoplasm) Ratios
       *Neither a high fat or high protein diet is right.  Remember, the waste product of animal protein metabolism is the toxic amino acid, homocysteine, which at high levels, significantly raises the risk of developing many diseases and conditions (eg: birth defects, heart disease, and cancer). Homocysteine requires folic acid (found mainly in green raw plants) in order for it to be recycled back into the essential and most limiting amino acid, methionine.  In addition, a high animal protein diet is usually high in saturated animal fat (eg: bacon, beef) as well.  This type of diet is far too rich and burdensome for the human body to metabolize on a continuous basis.  A delicate balance exists in nature between plant and animal consumption. 
     *The human diet should be heavily weighted in raw fruits and vegetables, rich in key micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that function to police and maintain the integrity of cellular health, especially DNA.  Focus should be on foods with high M/C ratios (micronutrient to calorie ratios).  Empty carbohydrate foods--those low in micronutrients and high in calories--foods with low M/C ratios--should be avoided, especially if they contain added salt, refined sugar and flour, and unnatural chemical compounds (artificial flavors and preservatives, etc.). Usually these highly processed foods barely resemble their natural origins.
    *Diets with high M/C (micronutrient to calorie)  ratios create healthy cells with low N/C ratios (nucleus to cytoplasm ratios), but diets with low M/C ratios create malnourished unhealthy cells with cytomegaly (cells that have abnormally large cytoplasm and nuclei such as in cervical folate deficiency and gastric atrophy that may eventually change into cells that have high N/C ratios (eg: HPV), signifying cancerous or disease change (see also Ames, BN, 1999).

Choice Foods in the Color Diet

sweet potatoes
dark green lettuce
(red, green, yellow, hot)
alfalfa sprouts
olive oil
flax seed/oil
green tea
of all kinds
sunflower seeds
wheat germ
whole grains
rye, etc.)
wild rice
and other small 
cold water fish
low-mercury seafood
(eg: wild salmon
light tuna
and catfish)
wild game (deer, pheasant, etc)
organic chicken
organic beef, sparingly
pork, sparingly

Important New Reports

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Fruit Consumption Cuts CVD Risk By Up to 40 Percent
"Our data clearly shows that eating fresh fruit can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, including  ischemic
heart disease and stroke (particularly haemorrhagic stroke). And not only that, the more fruit you eat the more
your CVD risk goes down. It does suggest that eating more fruit is beneficial compared to less or no fruit."

See What Nutrition Can Do for Students in School!

See this amazing video of a recent school that changed food choices and ended behavior problems.

Eating Fruits and Vegetables Could Make You More Attractive to Others: Study
 The glow that comes from eating the recommended five servings a day has a bigger impact on attractiveness
than a sun tan, a new study shows. 'Carotenoid coloration' could be a new way to measure attractiveness.

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More antioxidants, fewer pesticides

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Today's college students are increasing the risk of cancer later on, especially racial minorities

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Lifestyle Change Still Trumps Best Diabetes Drug

Mediterranean Diet May Slow Diabetes Progression
(my two cents: they say they don't know why!  It's because the diet is rich in
micronutrients, especially folic acid and other B vitamins, plus omega 3 fatty acids)

Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and Quality of Life in the SUN Project

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Laws Help Limit Junk Foods in Schools
Awesome!! We need to make it easier for our children
to stay on the right path to a healthy, happy, and long lives.

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