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The Art of Cytology

by Suzanne L. Adams, BS, CT (ASCP)

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      The Art of Cytology is a  full color cytology reference guide to important benign cytology entities including hormone and vitamin deficiency changes, viruses, and fungi. It is also a cellular nutrition book backed by countless medical references depicting how key micronutrients regulate cell division, differentiation, and function to help prevent birth defects, cancer, and disease processes. It is dedicated to cytologists who screen microscopically for cancer, and also health professionals and laypersons interested in knowing what diseased cells look like under the microscope and what we can do to prevent their occurrence in our daily living. Makes a good book for any health care professional interested in nutrition and disease processes at the cellular and biochemical level.

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Reviews by Cytopathologists
      “Dear Suzanne:  What an amazing manuscript, The Art of Cytology!...You are not alone in opining that cancer is in some part caused or promoted by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. As we continue to unravel the secrets of the cells, your findings will become part of our knowledge base, and not just speculation, I am sure."  -Dorothy L. Rosenthal, MD, FIAC, Professor of Pathology, Oncology and Gynecology & Obstetrics, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD and past president of the American Society of Cytopathology (ASC). See her research report on folic acid and abnormal Paps).    

      “Dear Suzanne:  I am so overwhelmed to be the recipient of one of your rare and gorgeous books. Your artistic talents are to be deeply admired and celebrated. I really have no words to thank you for this gift, other than to tell you that it completes an incredible feeling for me which started recently when I was notified that I am to receive the Papanicolaou Award in November. Your gift brings artistic closure to my medical/scientific efforts, and I thank you deeply for it.” -David B. Kaminsky, MD, FIAC, Medical Director, Pathology Inc., Palm Springs, CA; president, California Society of Pathologists, and past ASC president.

       "Dear Ms. Adams,  I have indeed received a copy of your beautiful book.  I enjoyed reading your very interesting concepts and I hope that the book will meet with a great deal of success, as it deserves." --Leopold G. Koss, MD, Professor and Chairman Emeritus, Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY; Author of hallmark cytology text books (eg: Diagnostic Cytology and Its Histopathologic Bases) and a "Cytology Legend"  in his own time.    

      "I read your book and was impressed with your emphasis on nutrition and cytological abnormalities. I was also impressed by the beautiful illustrations and the extensive bibliography. The references to the work on folate deficiency and cervical dysplasia were welcome, since I had corresponded with Dr. Butterworth about the matter a number of years ago. He had written an editorial calling attention to the correlation between hyperhomocysteinemia and arteriosclerosis before I published my first article in the field in 1969.  Upon request of the cytology staff I have placed your book in the library of our Cytopathology department. The cytotechnologists and cytopathologists have your book available to them for reference. Our Cytopathology department processes about 8000 specimens annually from all of the VA Medical Centers in the New England region. -With thanks and best wishes for success, Sincerely, Kilmer McCully, MD, Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Services, VA Boston Healthcare System."  Considered the "  Father of Homocysteine."

     Reviews by Teachers
      "Suzanne, This book is uniquely presented by combining the vitamin information and the effects on the cellular physiology. I have never seen a book blended in this way, so to me it is a seminal book. Your content is rich with specific notation and current research on the nutrients. I have used this book as a reference. I think this book should be used as a text for health personnel interested in pursuing study in nutrition since the book illustrates the effects of nutritional deficiencies and sufficiency's at the cellular level. Some physicians may need to " see"  this effect in order to believe in the power of nutritional healing and health maintenance. Thanks for contributing to the nutritional literature with accurate and well developed material. The artwork was beautifully done. Being a past medical technologist helps me appreciate the delicate work you provided with the cell anatomy. I will certainly recommend it and  plan to add it to my professional book list handout."  -Christina Minger, EdD, Kalamazoo, MI; Faculty member, Institute of Functional Medicine.

      "Suzanne, Your work is simply awesome. If only I had a smidgen of your artistic talent I would consider myself lucky. Your illustrations were very helpful to me as a preparation for taking the SCT examination. I also enjoyed your poem " Who are Cytologists?"   immensely. Thank you." -Joe M. Martinez, BS, SCT (ASCP), Cytopathology Supervisor, Audie Murphy VA Hospital, San Antonio, TX.       

      “Ah, what a magnificent accomplishment this beautifully illustrated, well-researched publication is! As the education coordinator of two successful schools of cytotechnology, I saw Suzanne grow through her training year and beyond, into a career infused with the deepest caring about professional ethics, patient welfare, education and nutrition. Even in her fledgling student days, she researched the effects of zinc on cellular health. I have had the great pleasure to witness the development of this exquisite book from inception to completion, over several years. Initially, Suzanne's artistically accurate drawings of cells and infectious agents were an inspiration to my cytotechnology students. To see the always-expanding micronutrient sections come together with the vibrant cellular details in this unique volume is rich reward for what has truly been a life's work.  Congratulations, Suzanne!” -Susan Dingler, BFA, CT (ASCP), (IAC), former teaching supervisor in cytotechnology at William Beaumont Hospital and Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI (see also her recommendation letter).


   Website Reviews
      "Dear Suzanne:  I am researching the role of folic acid and other deficiencies in an attempt to manage my personal diagnosis of ASCUS with an HPV infection of the high risk types. Your article is by far the most comprehensive and useful that I have found,  and I wanted to  thank you for posting it. I am a corporate analyst with a strong science background, but by no means a professional in medical research. You have given me a direction and many issues to discuss with my gynecologist.  I also have a strong desire to participate in research studies and clinical trials to help find a better treatment and maybe a cure. If you are conducting further research or know of anyone who is, please let me know. Thanks, again. What you've done so far has been an enormous help. --Sincerely, Judith."

       9/16/04--"Hi Suzanne,  I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know how useful your website with information about HPV has been to me. I'm 28 years old  and don't fit into most of the " HPV stereotypes."  The diagnosis of HPV has been hard for me to deal with. I had a Colposcopy done and just received my second PAP a few weeks ago. I got a call from the doctor today saying that my PAP is still abnormal. I feel that I'm at high risk because I'm over weight, get fairly frequent vagina bacterial infections, on the pill, and don't deal with stress well. Your information about folic acid and vitamins has been extremely helpful and gives me some hope that if I change my life style and try to eat better and take vitamins I might be able to help myself. It's frustrating that doctors don't give you more information about what you can do to help. Well I didn't mean to give you my life story, just wanted to let you know that your site has helped. --Thanks again, Heidi."

       3/9/05-- "I am doing better...went off the pill, have been taking vitamins and my last few colposcopy tests have been clear. --Thanks again, Heidi."

      "Dear Suzanne,  I can't tell you how many people I have turned on to your site, since I tripped across it sometime ago,  and how many people you have helped by way of sharing your knowledge with us. You are a positively rare and precious jewel.  I am looking forward to reading the new updates. Hadn't checked in for a while and was quite happy to see the new additions.  Thank you for doing what you are doing.  How much better a place the world would be if more people thought and acted like you."  - Anna Mayer,  British Columbia.


Images and Entities in the Book
Color images are 4"x6" in the first part of the book and 8"x10" for intense
study in the back of the book. Each image is labeled with identification criteria.

The Art of Cytology can be ordered through the publisher, Author House, or at online book stores and websites such as  It can also be ordered through the library.

Read Suzanne's Companion to The Art of Cytology

FAD and HPV Awareness

     Download this 62 page PowerPoint presentation with over 50 full color drawings and photographs and learn in a nutshell how life-style practices, including optimal micronutrient intake, can significantly reduce your risk of disease processes, including HPV, cervical cancer, and birth defects. This is a great introduction to students interested in cytology and nutrition and makes a great companion to The Art of Cytology book.

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