My Front Yard Pond
Built July 2006
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Seems like I did everything wrong...  but it came out perfect!  Read on and I'll show you how to build a great pond cheaper than you might guess.  Now... I do have well water and that makes a big difference.

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The Pond is complete with a fountain to keep the water moving around, plants, animals and a waterfall.  Now, I didnt use a pond liner.  I went to Lowes and got some 6mm plastic...  which leaks but in the end worked out pretty good.  It was very cheap compared to pond liner and was easy to work with.  The first step was digging a big hole.  The Pond is 24 inches at the deep end and 18inches at the other end.  Plastic from Lowes - $12.  Pump from Walmart - $35.  Lights - $35.  Plants - $50.  Animals ~$10... some I already had.  Rocks - for me free.  Small river rock - about 8 bags @ $1.50 each.  Water fall timer from Walmart - $28.


Here I have the plastic in and filling up with water.  I used some of the dirt from the hole to line the plastic after triming it up to fit the Pond.  At this point I didnt have any issues.  The plastic was holding.  Be careful, if you're going to use plastic like I did, to make sure there are no rocks and anything else under it.  The weight of the water when full might be enough to poke a hole in the plastic.

At this point I started to line the edge with rocks.  I'm sure this part of the pond can add up the $$$ if you wanted to buy the rocks.  I got all my rocks for free.  It takes a lot of rocks when building a pond if you want it to look like mine.

With a little landscaping the Pond was coming along nicely.  However, at this point, it leaked.  I had some little kid who picked up the biggest rock and threw it in.  I'm sure it messed up the plastic.  Over a 12 hour period about 30% of the water would leak out.  Yeah, evaporation plays a part, but not that much.  I was filling it up everyday with the hose.  It was not what I wanted.