All pictures on this site were taken with a Minolta Maxxum 3xi 35mm.
The Treehouse
Built the summer of 2003
The inside deck area is 8' x 10' and 15' above ground level

Summer of 2003

April 27th 2006
UPDATED!  April 27th 2006.
The Treehouse is going on 3 years old.  As you can see the roof has
been redone.  It's a very light and water tight roof too.  See the updated
pictures section below.  Other new stuff includes a full carpet.  A second lamp
and a TV/DVD player!

After the Treehouse be sure to check out my new Front Yard Pond.
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The Treehouse has successfully survived its first winter.  We had a number of storms
here in Michigan.  No cracks, no lost siding, the roof is still attached and the trees appear to be doing well.


The Treehouse can really move in the wind.  The braces have really held up well.
See the Design pictures page for some close up pics.

The treehouse is built around 2 pine trees.  Each tree is probably around 45 feet tall with a diameter of 14" (at deck level).  The deck is 15' above ground level.  The main brace supports are each made from 2x6's and 2x8's.  Each has 3 8" bolts running through each side with a block of wood in the middle.  The top of the brace is attached to the tree with a 10"x1" lag screw.  The bottom is a 8" lag.

 All together 12 8"x1" and 4 10"x1" lag screws are used

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Some new pictures in here too.

New section



I have discovered that the treehouse does not "get higher" as the trees grow.
The trees at deck level just get thicker.  I left some room for growth and I'm glad I did.
So the deck has stayed level even as the two trees grow at slightly different rates.

I got all the wood and supplies needed at Lowes.  I used treated wood for the deck and braces.  Regular stuff for the rest only  because it's a little $$ and things add up pretty fast at the checkout line.  At this point I've probably put about $800 into it.  I still need to trim up the roof and cover it.

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