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12/13/2009 : Two more pictures from Phil. The first one is Caboose 17. The second is an ore train.

12/7/2009 : More new photos from Phil. First one is the roundhouse looking a little old! Second is a great view of the Morgan Trestle. Phil tells me they were shot in 1976. I was there during that time, sure wish I had been smart enough to know I would want pictures of all that stuff later!

11/14/2009 : Got some new photos from Phil. First up is 2 RSD-15 Alligators on the dock and the Roundhouse. Thanks Phil!

8/24/2009 : I have an update to the Cooper& Oshtemo Loco works link. New owner is Russel Dove, email Russel. Address is 9734 Lomax Drive, Avon, IN. 46123. Link is actually the same as below.

8/10/2009 : My apologies to Paul, I forgot to post his question. He would like to know know when the Munising Railroad Depot was built. If you know the answer or other history of the depot, please contact Paul.

8/10/2009 : The Michigan Railroad History Conference will be held November 7, 2009 in Jackson, Michigan. See the link in the paragraph below to register, find a map, and view the program. If its about railroads, its got to be good!

4/18/2009 : Not too much new, although I do get some things, I cannot post them all unless I can verify the copyright. This fall, there is a Michigan Railroad History Conference in Jackson, MI. They are accepting papers for this conference if anyone would like to participate. Here is the Call For Papers and the submission form. Information will be posted on and on the Michigan Railroad Calendar of If you would like more information, email Gregory J. Degowski, Chairperson.

5/29/2008 : Here is a picture of Tom's handiwork, an airbrushed RS-3 numbered 1608. I thought HO scale was hard enough!

5/21/2008 : A link change notice from Ed Gross and his LS&I/GB&W website, see the bottom of the page.

2/27/2008 : Here are some memories from Tom Sharland, thanks Tom! I also have some pictures coming up soon.

2/8/2008 : Here is some more from Andy. I have some stuff from Tom Sharland in the next few days. The San Luuis & Rio Grande has just purchased LS&I steam locomotives Numbers 18 and 20. They plan to have No. 18 operating in 2008 and No. 20 operating in 2009. They operate their passenger excursion trains out of Alamosa, CO. They operate their passegner service as the Rio Grand Scenic Railroad. The link to their website with the announcement of the LS&I locomotives is here.

2/2/2008 : Well, I guess all I have to do is ask! I have some news from two sources. First one is about some new LS&I Coal Cars being produced by the Soo Line Historical Society. Here is an order form.

1/18/2008 : As you can tell, there hasn't been much activity here in the last year. Mainly because I don't live near the LS&I and I haven't been getting any contributions. So this is a reminder that I gladly accept photos, stories, data, etc., of anything LS&I or M&HM, full size or not. I do intend to keep running this site, but it will get a little stale without some new material.

12/20/06 : Here is a picture of RS-3 1604 from Greg Hamman. Looks good, I think it can go another 40 years! Speaking of RS-3s, I just got my Atlas RS-3 factory decorated for Lake Superior & Ishpeming in the as delivered yellow and red. The paint work is very good. I got number 1604, they also have 1605. I ran it yesterday and it runs very smooth like all Atlas locos. It has handrails already applied, so be careful taking it out of the box. I hope they will offer a maroon version as well. The starting speed is low, about a tie a second, although at this speed there is just the slightest amount of uneveness, but a slight bit more throttle and it is smooth as melted butter. I recommend it highly even if you already have one. The LS&I had many of these locos, so you can too.

06/02/06 : Atlas has announced the Alco RS-3 in LS&I original Red/Yellow! You can see the color scheme at their site.

05/31/06 : Mark would like some info on LS&I Wood Chip Gondolas, pictures or dimensions etc. He also has some extra LS&I decals. If you are interested or can help Mark, email him.

03/28/06 : Bill Hanslik sent some great phots of ex-LS&I No. 33. It is running on the Ohio Central. Here is the front, the side, the rear, and pulling the polar express. Here is another shot of the front, with a blast of steam for effect. Thanks for the pictures Bill!

3/19/06 : Ron would like some info on a M&HM turntable. Here is what he has so far: Late-1960s ? In 1963 The Marquette & Huron Mountain RR bought a 25 mile long line between Marquette and Big Bay, MI, that the Lake Superior & Ishpeming had abandoned in 1958, with the rails being left in place. It began operating it as a steam powered tourist line by 1964 and at some point in the late 1960s installed a turntable (about 85??) of unknown origin at the Marquette end of the line. The location away from population centers kept patronage low and the run was shortened to a 15 mile round trip after a few years. The initial operation ended by 1969 after the death of its principal owner. It was restarted in the 1970s but operation finally ended about 1984. The turntable was still there in 1983, but its fate is unknown after a 1985 estate auction which dispersed the locomotives and other equipment. Ron is compiling a list of turntables moved for tourist or museum use, write to him here.

1/25/06 : Another picture form Greg's model railroad. This time its a very impressive dock. Notice that it holds 27 cars per track and there are four tracks! This is more than half the size of the prototype, which has 200 pockets versus Greg's, which has 108.

1/23/06 : Gregg Bruff is seeking photos, drawings, or plans for the Munising Depot. Email Gregg.

1/12/06 : Greg sent along some more great pictures of his model railroad. The first one is a view of West Yard with some very good scenery. Second is the Dock Office that is on top of the Ore Dock, looks much like I remember. And third is 1853 up close and personal. A view of the entire Ore Dock is coming soon!

1/6/06 : John Hoxie sent this picture of ex-LS&I 19. He says the following: We now have LS&I #19 here in Frisco, TX. We purchased it from the Grand Canyon RR last year and had it moved from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas to its new home here in Texas. The town of Frisco was established in 1902 and was named after the famous Frisco Railroad. The town was an important site for the railroad as one of the rare natural streams of the area was dammed to provide water in an area not known for this commodity. Over the years the town and surrounding area grew prosperous due to the railroad's ability to move cotton to market. Today, Frisco is going through a rebirth and growing at an incredible pace. We in the Heritage Association wanted to preserve our railroad history by developing a permanent exhibition that will include #19, and a complete replica of the Frisco Depot. Here are some photographs of #19 now under the Frisco logo. Within the next year, we hope to have the new depot complete and ready for visitors. We're interested in finding additional information about #19 that is not posted on your website. Can you guide me in where I can find additional photos, maintenance records, or even parts for the old Iron Horse? You can email John here.

12/10/05 : Robert is looking for any info on LS&I No. 11. He would also like a complete steam power list.

11/29/05 : Some more pictures from Greg Bennett's model railroad. Here is an excellent job of weathering on 2300. Looks like it is 20 years old! Also two pictures of his roundhouse, from the left side and front.

10/20/05 : Robert is looking for any info on the conditions of the Baldwin 2-8-0 #32. I am also lookin for a way to contact the LS&I about the condition of the #32 and its current state.

9/17/05 : I have received some excellent pictures from Greg. I am going to finally start posting them. First, here are three pictures from Greg. The first two are of his ore dock in HO scale, before and after. The third is the prototype LS&I, two ore cars. I will post some more soon, both from Greg and Tom Sharland.

9/14/05 : The publication Diesel Era has a very comprehensive article on LS&I diesels this month. It has many pictures, a thorough history, and a roster. Thanks to Diesel Era and David Sweetwater, I highly recommend it.

9/9/05: Good news for LS&I modelers. Walthers site has announced that Broadway Limited will offer the next run of RSD15s in LS&I colors, both maroon and bright red! There are two numbers in each color, either with or without sound, for a total of 8 choices! They will also offer GB&W. The expected delivery date is winter 2006. However, there is bad news as well. Athearn responded to an email of mine saying they have no plans to release the 26 foot ore jennies that MDC used to do. But there is good news. Walthers is making another run of the taconite cars with LS&I in their Gold Line version.

4/20/04 : Added John December's Upper Peninsula website at bottom. Also catching up on old submissions. From Kevin Musser, Please excuse this email but I thought you all might like to know (or maybe already know) that Clint Jones has made an arrangement with Mid Continent to move Copper Range #29 to North Freedom and for them to start restoration. Just think about riding in coach #60, behind combine #25 being pulled by #29. Time is running out to make donations to have the move take place before the sale of the Quincy site. April 30th is the deadline. Get Details

4/15/04 : Andy Roth found the following news item. The yahoo group 'Yooper Rails' site has just had new information posted that LS&I wood caboose #16 will be moved to its new home at the mining musuem in Ishpeming poosibly in April or May of this year. The caboose is currently sitting on Escanaba & Lake Superior track at Wells, MI. It will be moved via low-boy truck.

1/26/04 : News from Greg Schultz.

Well, it was like walking in on major surgery of a close relative.

When I arrived at the Ohio Central's Morgan Run shops on Wednesday afternoon, the sight I beheld was breath taking. If I didn't know the locomotive I was looking at was old #33, I would have never recognized her. The cab had been removed and the boiler was stripped bare. All appliances and piping had been completely removed and over 100 staybolts had been cut out to remove the side sheets of the firebox.

The ash pan had been removed so I peered up under for a look at the fire box and it was almost completely gone! Bothe side sheets, thermic syphons, arch tubes and knuckle had been removed. I got a good look at the walls between the inside and outside sheets and many of the staybolts. I walked outside and had a look at the old side sheets - they were crumbling and were less than 1/4 inch thick. One more fire up and it could have been disasterous. The new knuckle had been fabricated and prepped for drilling and the new side sheet material was brought in and prepared for cutting to size. Gary Bensman - probably the most experienced person in active locomotive restoration and boiler specialist is doing the boiler work.

I spent Thursday marking the boiler for ultrasound testing and Friday using a sanding pad on an electric grinder preparing smooth spots for the ultrasound. I ginded over 300 spots with at least 1 and up to 5 spots in each square foot of the boiler barrel. The firebox area will be done as well. Also on Thursday I had the opportunity to work with Jerry Ballard - founder of the Hocking Valley and previous owner of the #33.

Saturday we needle scaled the #33's drivers and removed the side rods and cylinder covers.

Sunday we all took the day off from the shop and worked the photo charter special on the OC's Grand Trunk Western 4-8-4 #6325.

Progress on the #33 is considered ahead of schedule and we anticipate having her ready and tested for TrainFest 2004 in July. For all of you LS&I fans, you might be interested to know the plan is to restore the locomotive to LS&I livery.

I'm working on a restoration video of the #33 and would like to find old phot os (or better yet film!) of #33 in service with the LS&I. I will give proper cre dit and a copy of the final version to anyone who can help me out.

Thanks, Greg Schultz.

Here are some pictures he sent. First is the firebox. Next is the wheels. Third is the marked boiler. And last is the backhead.

10/25/03 : James Meyland watches the Mining Journal closely and sends along information quite often. Here is is a picture of some of the effects of the dam break. I have heard that the power plant is back in full operation. Perhaps someone out there knows how the LS&I shipping season went? Here is an article on the last LS&I steam engine which has been sold. My thanks to Jim for keeping me updated. Both the photo and the article are Mining Journal property.

1/31/02 : Tom also wrte me in October saying the busiest frequencies are 160.230 (LS&I Road Frequency), 160.950 (LS&I Maintenance), 160.785 (WC Channel 1 Road), 160.335 (WC channel 4 road). He also reported he saw a 'traffic jam' while a maintenance crew was working and LO40, WC Sore1, LS&I Tilden ore, WC Sore2 and Escanaba LO39 were all trying to fit into the 2 rail siding and main at partridge.

1/15/02 : John Mallard was a Fireman and Mechanics Helper on the Marquette & Huron Mountain RR in the mid-70s. He writes that No. 23 is being restored by the Empire State Railroad Museum and they plan to repaint her in the green scheme. He also writes the picture of the 2 coaches and the depot was from a postcard we sold. It was taken in the 60's. Notice ex-Copper Range #60. And he says, And, short-lived tourist line indeed! 1964 to 1984, granted not operating 1968 - 1971.

1/11/02 : Some notes from Andy Inserra - The latest news on the on LSI units in the Twin Cities. First, RS3 1B is now in regular service with one of the C424ms on the MNNR around their lines. Second - the much of the LSI stuff at the arsenal is moving to the Iowa Northwestern, inc the U23C's. The plan is to see three of the four get back into their own power. And the LSI caboose on hand is off to WGN in Spooner. Also, MNNR plans to use 1608 as a slug now once the parts are removed and stored for 1B. So another one that was never expected to live this long!

12/30/01 : More from James Meyland. There is an article on the sale of LS&I RSD12s in Railfan & Railroad, Sept 1989. The Boatnerd site contains pictures of the old Gantry crane in the Marquette Lower Harbor. It would unload coal at this site. Jim has also found articles concerning LS&I and ore in the Mining Journal. I haven't included them here, but some dates are 10/26, 11/28, and 12/15. The shutdown of the mines has affected the LS&I and resulted in some layoffs at the LS&I as well. The Empire has been shutdown indefinitely and the Tilden has a planned shutdown.

12/26/01 : Stewart Hobbies has announced Alco C628 and C630 high hood units. They don't say anything about C&NW paint, unfortunately. Curt Fortenberry supplied this photo of 6710 just to whet your appetite.

11/03/01 : Received two replies to the request about the Soo Line '400' passenger service. It was actually run by the C&NW. Here are two links to pictures. From the front and side. Both of these are links to other sites. First was from James Meyland and second from Robert Oom. Robert also adds that C&NW service ended about 1966, DSS&A in 1958, and Copper Country Limited in 1967.

05/12/01 : Tom Carello says that most of the ore traffic is going to Partridge siding instead of to the dock. There is only one or two hill jobs a day instead of three. Ore going to Partridge Siding is hauled to the Escanaba Dock twice a day, and one other trip goes all-rail to Sault Ste Marie and Algoma Steel. Trains to the Escanaba dock are 6200 ton trains, whereas LS&I trains to the dock are 7000 ton. The WC uses 3 bay hoppers and fills them 1/3 to 1/2 full. The all-rail train heads to St. Ignace, then north at Trout Lake. The LS&I still has the same amount of work, since they are loading trains for the WC.

02/24/01 : From James Meyland, formerly of Munising. I noted the photo provided by Kevin Musser of combine #63 with interest. There's no doubt that the picture was taken in Munising. I spent a lot of time on that platform watching switching activities. The photo is taken looking eastwards with the ridge line in the background just behind the paper mill. It looks like you can see a bit of the smoke stacks from the mill. The train would arrive in Munising at about 8:30 a.m, stop with the combine at the station (in the opposite direction from that in the photo). The train would have to be broken because it would block the street (Elm Avenue) to the waterfront park area. After that it would back down the mainline to leave the combine out of the way. Switching activity would take place with the locomotive facing westward. The back areas of the paper mill would be serviced. When that activity was done, the locomotive would back down the mainline picking up the combine and would back down to a wye and the front area of the paper mill. After that area was serviced and the locomotive and combine were turned around on the wye they would be backed into town and to the engine shed where the crew took a break for lunch. After that there would be some more switching activity to assemble the train to go to Little Lake (where the LS&I met the C&NW). The assembled train would then drift from the engine shed down to the station at about 3:30 (that's ususally when I got my cab rides) for a departure from Munising at 4:30. The photo you featured would have been taken in that time period from about 3:30 to 4:30. The combine normally used during my time of interest in the rail events in Munising was a twelve-wheel unit (painted a dark green - not sure of the number). The unit in the photo, # 63, however, is not the one I normally saw. I do recall seeing #63 on those few occassions when the other unit was not being used (most likely being serviced). Combine 63 is now at the National Railroad Museum.

8/11/00 : From Tom Carello and Robert Oom. 3001 and 3002 are being scrapped on site, 3000 and 3004 remain in service. All the ex-Detroit Edison units are being scrapped. Lots of trackwork being done this summer. All the property is now hardhats only. 100 "new" ore cars were purchased from the Long Island, but are Minnesota cars and must be worked on to fit on the dock.

8/3/00 : Pete Forthbridge sent a note that chop nose 1801 is at work on the Western Tennesee Railroad.

11/3/99 : The 3072 is out of the shops now and is the latest of the "new" C30-7 units. The 3007 hit one of the chutes on the pocket at the mine and is wrecked and out of service. The 3050 is also out of service due to mechanical problems.