Links For Model Railroad Items Concerning the LS&I

Here are model railroad products in production or out of production that relate to LS&I equipment.  The list is growing!  I have put some comments on these products. They are my opinion alone.  More comments to come as I have time to write.

Ken Jewell has decals for LS&I hoppers/boxcars. I ordered some and think they are very well done. Contact Ken

Athearn has an AAR 40 foot boxcar which is reasonably priced and a nice kit, I have bought five.

Received the 5th Ave LS&I boxcars. They are very well done. I think the lettering and paint is crisp and thorough. I highly recommend the cars. If you want to order, here are the details. $13 for one car, $12 for 2-5 cars, $68 for 6, etc. Paint scheme has the diamond logo and includes the road numbers on a decal sheet. There are four road numbers available. $6 S&H. IL residents add tax. Address: 5th Avenue Car Shops, PO Box 423, Lagrange IL 60525.

IHC makes a 2-8-0 Consolidation steam engine lettered for the LS&I and ore jennies as well.  I purchased two of the Consolidations and like them. They run smoothly, have nice details, and are reasonably priced.  I have not seen the specific example of this model and lettering, but it is close to the pictures I have.  The ore jennies are not quite as detailed or as high a quality as others on the market.

Roundhouse Products makes HO scale Ore jennies lettered for the LS&I.  I own many of these.  They are good models. Roundhouse has made the first factory painted LS&I locomotive. It is an RS-3, road number 1604. I purchased 2, they both run quietly and have good detail. The paint appears to be a close match to the maroon. They are well worth the price.

Walthers has ore jennies (with extensions for pellets) lettered for the LS&I, in 4 and 12 packs. They also have ore dock structures which do not match the LS&I dock (steel versus concrete), but are very nice kits.  I have two of the docks and 72 jennies.

Kadee Products makes a PS-1 40' boxcar with 8' door and 3 with 6' doors lettered for the LS&I, with all different road numbers.  So far I have one of each.  They are quite expensive, but have the quality to match.

Microscale Decals has a decal set for LS&I locomotives, from the 1950's to the present. Includes the red/yellow, maroon, yellow, green, red, and ex-BN schemes.

Red Caboose is due to release a AAR 40' boxcar lettered for the LS&I.

Atlas has made RSD12s, RS-1s, and RS-3s all of which were used by the LS&I, in several paint schemes.  None of the LS&I schemes are available, but blank shells can be had.  The RS-1 and RS-3 have been re-released. They are both excellent models. I have two of each. The RSD-12 is NOT likely to be released as classic series also.  Make some noise and perhaps they will do an LS&I scheme.

Chooch makes ore and taconite loads for the above ore cars.

AHM made a U25C model many years ago. I bought one over EBay and it is a nice runner. It has the big wheel flanges so you need code 100 track to run it.  

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