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12/14/2011 : Barely made a new entry this year! Got this pic from Ed of 3074 on the dock, nice pic!

Also got this nice scan of the old roundhouse from Jasper Bluff in 1956.Tom says, "Pic was taken from the top of Jasper Bluff, looking north (in Ishpeming). The old roundhouse, water tank and sand-house are visible, as is the turn-table. Visible on the farthest track at the roundhouse is a steam engine, and it looks like another one just west of the sand house on the tie-up track. Can't tell what's on the "coal track" adjacent to it (slightly above), but it used to contain a derrick and a coal gondola. The whole thing is gone now, and the old main line is the site of the Ishpeming - Negaunee Nature Trail, but the turntable pit is still there. I live just up the street from the place; was raised in the neighborhood."

And one more item from Henry, This rolled through Neenah yesterday heading to Empire Mine on the LS&I. It will be a new Articulate Dump truck when built, should be in Green Bay today.

5/18/2010 : I have some pictures from Paul. Paul is a past resident of Munising and now lives in California. He models in N scale. First is a comment on another photo tho. In the notes to Edgar Meade's photo of the mixed train at Munising in 1952, Kevin Musser asked why people would go from Princeton to Munising. Having grown up in Munising in the 1950s and 60s I can tell you that, mainly, people went from Munising to the CNW junction at Little Lake where we caught the evening North Western train to Chicago. Our family made this trip several times when we visited our grandparents in New York state and they used the reverse route to come to Munising.

The first photo is Combine number 12 on the tail of the mixed at Munising in June 1956. Combine 63 was the usual car on this turn, but number 12 was used fairly regularly in latter years. The second photo is Combine 63 on a train waiting to depart Munising in the late 1950s. My brother took the picture. That's me in the winter jacket in front. And the third photo is a double exposure, taken at the same time as the second shot. I forgot to advance the film between shots, but you can see combine 63 and the trackside of the Munising station. Superimposed on the end of the car you can see my grandmother's face looking out of the window and some of the ornate stained glass of the car window frames on the station. In the background: My father and our 1956 De Soto. Beyond, a snowplow and the Munising engine house.


It all starts with the real thing.  A sub-100 mile shortline with regular 7000 ton trains of taconite pellets.  It runs from the mines of the Marquette Iron Range to the Upper Harbor of Marquette MI.  It also served the Kimberly-Clark paper mill at Munising MI and exchanges full jennies for empties with the Wisconsin Central, and formerly with the Chicago & Northwestern, the Soo Line and Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic.  The Soo Line, ex-DSS&A ore dock is in Marquette's Lower Harbor and the WC dock is in Escanaba MI.


I grew up next to the LS&I and have always loved trains. When I was a young lad, I won a gift certificate to the nearby hobby store (that was on the Soo Line track) and my first purchase was an LS&I ore jennie by Roundhouse Products. I have had several model railroads attempting to model the LS&I with varying degrees of fidelity, and am starting on another. There are quite a few more LS&I products now than back in 1970 when I started so modeling the LS&I is even easier.

My Mother came up with the name for my model railroads in 1970. It is the Presque Isle Central Railroad. This comes from the penisula of land that is near the upper harbor of Marquette. It is also (close) central to the LS&I, the Soo Line/DSS&A, the C&NW, and the Wisconsin Central. I would love to fit all of these operations in a layout but that takes quite a bit of room. I am currently drawing a layout for a 11 x 17 room, which doubles as my office, so it has to fit close to the wall.

Of course, I am not the only modeler concerned with the LS&I. I have a listing of other model railroads that include the LS&I which can be reached by clicking here.


There is quite a bit of media concerning the LS&I, such as books, magazine articles, and videos. Click here.


Any interest in a chat group? Or an informal historical society? Or additional links, news, and other info?

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