I-2000, Inc. offers a wide range of services to be able to meet the demands of each and every user. We encourage our customers to use the Instant Pay plan when selecting your desired service. Please view the Contract and Acceptable Usage Policy.

Dialup Access

Dialup accounts include a UNIX shell account, PPP (or SLIP if you prefer) connection, an E-mail box on our system, and 5 MB of space on our server for storing mail or a personal web page. These service packages are ideal for an individual or small business with a single machine to connect to the Internet. If you need a custom account, call us today at 1-616-532-8425.

Pricing effective Feb 28, 2002

  Hours/Month Email Boxes Web Server Space Activation
Monthly Rate
Basic 40* 1 5 MB $20.00 $10.00
Extended 80* 1 5 MB $20.00 $15.00
Premium 240* 1 5 MB $20.00 $17.50
"Unlimited" 480* 1 5 MB $20.00 $20.00

*Usage over your plan hours will be charged at 1 cent per minute.

Additional Email Boxes can be purchased at a rate of $2.50/month each.

Dedicated Access

This includes all of the features of our Basic service through a dedicated phone line at our facility with no hourly charges. This insures that you will never get a busy signal when trying to connect and will not be subject to automatic disconnection due to inactivity. This level of service is ideal for small to medium sized businesses with their own Local Area Network. Prices vary by level of service. Please call our office to discuss specific activation and monthly options or E-mail your questions to office@i2k.com.

For more information about this service, please call I-2000, Inc at 1-616-532-8425.

Domain Name Registration

I-2000, Inc. will setup a top level domain for you, including MX mail forwarding, for a one-time fee of $50.00, changes will be subject to a $10.00 fee. Individuals who don't maintain a dial up or web page account with I-2000 Inc. will be charged a monthly fee for mail forwarding.

WWW Page Development

I-2000, Inc. can create a World Wide Web presence for your business or organization according to your specifications using existing artwork, such as brochures, catalogs or letterhead. If artwork is not available, we can create it. Call us to discuss your project, we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

WWW Page Hosting

I-2000, Inc. will install your Web page on our server and put a link on our home page for your business or organization. Please call our office to discuss pricing or E-mail your questions to office@i2k.com

Internet 2000, Inc.

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