Instant Pay Service

With the return of this form we will bill your credit card number for your subscription amount automatically.

Terms and Conditions

1. I-2000 will bill your credit card, entered below, for your subscription amounts from the date this request becomes active until either (a) your credit card expires, at which time we require a new authorization, (b) an authorization is declined, or (c) you request, in writing, that automatic billing be discontinued. 2. Use of your account during any billing period constitutes authorization for a charge to be applied for that billing period in the amount of the charges incurred. 3. This agreement does not relieve you of your obligation to pay for I-2000 services if any charge submitted by I-2000 for your usage is dishonored, charged-back or otherwise refused for any reason. You agree that any such event will be treated as a returned check by I-2000, and will incur a processing charge of $25.00, if such dishonored charge occurs after the usage to which the charge is related takes place. You agree to pay all applicable collection charges if payment is dishonored. 4. Credit card payments processed through "instant pay" will be treated exactly as if cash or a check had been made payable to I-2000. 5. You agree to keep your billing address current. 6. Charges under "instant pay" cannot be processed for any third party. We will process "instant pay" bill charges only for accounts registered to the cardholder. All transactions are electronically verified for your protection.

I authorize I-2000 to bill by [ ] VISA, [ ] MasterCard [ ] Discover for all charges incurred, and agree to the above terms and conditions.

Card Number: ______________________________________ Expiration: ____________

Print name EXACTLY as it appears on card: ___________________________________

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