July 20, 2001

Launching Wireless Service in 8 West Michigan Markets! Read our Press Release for more information.

July 12, 2001

DSL and Wireless websites activated. Future plans for the sites include information on the benefits of broadband access, availability, and much more!

April 6, 2001

Wireless connection to the internet will be available in certain markets.  Call our office for details.

January 1, 2001

New internet filter available for $1/month.  Contact our office more more information.

December 1, 2000

DSL is now available in Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Holland,Muskegon and other areas.  Call the office to see if you qualify.

October 10, 1998

Internet 2000 now supports user-configurable filters for dialup accounts called ChoiceNet. You may go to the Filter Settings page to configure your personal filter. A predefined list of hosts called Yahooligans may be used as a base filter. The Yahooligans list is maintained by staff at Yahooligans and is designed for use by kids.

June 26, 1998

New 56k Information Page Available. All users please check it out.

December 28, 1997

Internet 2000 now supports the use of FrontPage 98 Extensions. This enables users of Microsoft FrontPage to create more interactive sites on our server without complex programming knowledge.

Fiber Optics Improve Bandwidth

All the communications lines used by I-2000, Inc. in and out of the facilities are now through fiber optics. We have a "OC-12" bundle which will easily allow us to double our bandwidth each year well into the 21st Century. The fiber optic connections are provided by Brooks Fiber.

Livingston Equipment Acquired

I-2000, Inc. has invested heavily into the most modern communications equipment from Livingston Enterprises.

As a REMINDER, no more 'P' in front of User ID

We are also going to take this opportunity to remove the "P" from user logins. This was originally use to tell the computer system that the PPP or Point-to-Point Protocol was to be used. Software upgrades allowed us to remove this restriction.

Internet 2000, Inc.
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