Computer Setup Information

Below you will find the specific information needed to set up a dial-up connection for I2000
Click here for "Step by Step Instructions" for windows 98 & ME or  Windows 9x running Internet Explorer  5 or later.

IP Address--I-2000 uses dynamic IP addressing (NOTE: if fixed IP addressing is needed please contact our office) when computers connect to our facilities. Therefore select "Obtain an IP Address Automatically" if asked during setup.  If an IP address in needed then enter or
Mail Server
News Server
Domain Name
Primary DNS IP Address
Secondary DNS IP Address
IP Subnet Mask

Step by Step Instructions

Windows 9x Setup


  1. Click on Start, Programs, Internet Explorer Connection Wizard
  2. Click on "I have existing Internet Connection (2nd Choice)
  3. Select the 1st choice, Then click Next (connect using Internet service provider or LAN), then click next.
  4. Connect using my Phone line, Then click on Next
  5. Click on create a new dialup, Then click on Next
  6. Enter the phone number of the connection you are dialing. (refer to 2nd page for listing of phone numbers)
  7. Unclick dial using area & country codes, Click Next
  8. Enter in your Username (Your login name all lowercase)
  9. Enter in you Password
  10. Under Advanced Settings Choose Yes, Then click on Next
  11. Select "PPP (Point to Point Protocol)", click on Next
  12. Select "I donít need to do anything while logging on", then click on next.
  13. Select "My Internet Service Provider automatically assigns me one", Then Click on Next.
  14. Choose "Always use the following" then enter the following numbers, then click on next.
  15. DNS:

    Alternate DNS Server:

  16. Connection Name: (Type in Internet 2000)
  17. Select Yes for "Do you want Internet Mail?, Then click on Next
  18. If you have the option to use an existing account, or create a new one, select "Create a new Account"
  19. Enter your name, as you want it to appear, in the box. Click Next
  20. Enter your email address, all lowercase, into the box, then click on Next.
  21. (Example:

  22. Select POP3 as your incoming Mail server, then enter the following for both Incoming and Outgoing mail servers:
  23. (

  24. Click Next
  25. Select "Log On Using" and enter your internet username and password in the boxes below. They will be the some as the ones you use to connect to the Internet.
  26. Leave name for your account as, and click next.
  27. Select "No" for "Do you want to setup a news account?"
  28. Select "No for "Do you want to setup directory?" and click Next.

  29. Click On finish



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