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Having trouble with your connection?

If you have recently had trouble connecting to the Internet, and you use any type of 56k modem, you may need to download an update.

The new standard for 56k, called "v.90" (pronounced 'v-dot-ninety') was recently introduced and replaces the former competing technologies which were known as USR X2 and K56Flex.

At this time, most of our dialup sites are equipped to handle the new 56k connections, but to use them, you will need to upgrade your modem. Many modem manufacturers will offer a free 'flash-upgrade' that will automatically make your 56k modem compatible with the new standard.

It would also be a good idea to upgrade any of your drivers or extension files that your computer uses to communicate with the modem.

Below is a list of manufacturers. Find the manufacturer of your modem, go to their website and look for an area labeled "support" or "downloads." Follow their specific instructions, but make sure that you upgrade both the Flash ROM within the modem to v.90, and also the Windows drivers or Macintosh extensions for your system.

If you need further help, please contact the manufacturer of your modem by telephone.

Modem Manufacturers

Internet 2000, Inc.
2439 Byron Center Ave., S.W.
Wyoming, MI 49509
(616) 532-8425 or 888-234-4254

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